Top 5 Tips to Increase Rank in Dota 2

Dota 2 is considered one of the hardest games for beginners because of how many variables are there to take into account. There are 124 heroes in the game as of writing this other than this overwhelming amount of heroes there are also several hundred items in the game that get used for making counter different heroes and attacks. Another factor can be that the community itself is not that welcoming either so you can only learn by your efforts no one will teach you things in this community. While Dota 2 has a steep learning curve it is not impossible to get good at the game with consistent effort and practice and in this blog, I’ll give you tips that can take your MMR gains to the next level.

1. Put more Emphasis on every creep:

By Putting more Emphasis on every creep, I mean that you should pay attention to everyone and how you can use them to your advantage I’ll include this on the matter so you can understand what you should do:

Last Hitting Creeps:

This means killing the creeps with a solo attack so that you can acquire gold and experience for them. This is crucial because as you know gold and experience are necessary for buying items and leveling up your hero.

Denying creeps:

You should also deny enemy creeps before they reach your tower. This can come in handy because it denies the enemy team gold and experience, and it also prevents the creeps from damaging your tower.

Pulling creeps:

Aggreging enemy creeps is also another way to get them to attack your tower. This trick can be useful like you could set up a gank, forcing the enemy team to back away from your tower, or simply creating space for you.

I can also list two or three more mechanics here but all in all, I want you to put more attention on the creeps that can give you an upper hand.

2. Learn from the best or watch High-tier game plays:

Watching higher-rank matches or the s-tier matches can teach you a thing or two because you can absorb the skills and timing that these upper-rank guys are hitting. Luckily you can rewatch any game you want, unlike other games where you must record your own POV with a different software outside of the game but let’s not take a dig at other games. You could also watch an S-tier match or a higher-ranked friend’s match; the rest is up to you. Rewatching your own matches can also help you reconcile your own mistakes and panic moments. The silver lining here is that you can learn more about the game while watching rather than banging your head in lost situations.

3. Limit your Pool of Heroes:

My third piece of advice would be to limit the pool of your heroes. There might be some other opinion on this suggestion but it’s better to play a 10 to 15-hero pool rather than playing with any random heroes that you can lay your hands on. So, if you are just starting you should pick Viper or Axe you could also do your due diligence for beginner heroes to add more heroes in your pool, but I was giving you an idea of things. The results of having a limited pool of heroes may vary because if you are not at the game itself then changing the heroes won’t help you but oftentimes if you just stick with a particular hero, it can give you better results.

4. Hire a professional coach:

Hiring a coach can be a big step towards the betterment of your individual skills. Dota 2 has arguably the biggest esports scene in the world and because of that, the level of competition in Dota is unimaginable. hiring a coach will be able to provide an extra advantage to you on your opposition. Choosing a  Dota 2 coaching service is not as expensive as you thought you could easily afford a coach if you take the game seriously. While different websites offer different prices you easily get a coach for 10 to 15 bucks an hour. You should always look for a coach who has played at least A or B Tier tournaments and the reason for that is because a LAN player is a different breed of a player. So do your due diligence and find a coach who has prior LAN experience.

5. Play with a team:

Dota 2 is a team game and if you play solo then your journey through earning MMR will be much harder than if you just stick by a good team. There is no denying that a bad team can and will hold you back as a player, but you have to find good teammates to play with and remember to support and stick to your teammates because no matter what you’ll lose some of the matches because of your team but you should still support them. Complaining and antagonizing will only let your team and your morale down. So, my point is to play with a team and stick with them.


Dota 2 ranks are hard to climb up but with persistent efforts and regular sessions can get you across the line. The most important thing about Dota is to enjoy the journey and the game itself if you rigorously play just for the rank, you’ll get tired and frustrated very soon. So, try to enjoy the game itself and the journey of your rank climbing.

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